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Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Belt conveyor is the ideal, highly efficient and continuous conveying equipment in coal mines.


Belt conveyor is the ideal, highly efficient and continuous conveying equipment in coal mines. Compared with other transportation machines such as haulage motor, belt conveyor has the advantages of long conveyance distance, big conveyance amount and continuous conveyance. In addition, it has stable operation and is easy to realize automatic and centralized control. Especially as for high yield and high efficiency mines, conveyor belt has become the key equipment of electromechanical technology and equipment in coal mining. The main features of conveyor belt are that the body can conveniently stretch; there is belt storage cabin; the tail can extend or shorten with the advancement of the coal mining surface; no foundation is needed, and the belt can be directly set up on the baseboard of the roadway; and the rack is light and handy and convenient to be dismantled. When the conveyance ability is strong and conveyance distance is long, center drive device can be equipped to satisfy the requirement.

Belt Conveyor

Working Principle Of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is mainly composed of belt, transmission drum, tension device, roller, frame, and transmission device.

After the belt near the two ends of drum connects the two ends of belt tape clamp or curing methods to form the closed-loop structure. The belt has a certain tension with the upper and lower roller supporting. The friction produced by the drum and belt when the drum rotate will drive the belt and take the cargo to the unloading drum two.

Transmission principle and features

(1) The belt conveyor is driven by the friction between the transmission drum and belt. So we must keep the belt tense and make the belt with initial tension in the separation place of drum and transmission cylinder.

(2) The belt and cargo are both moving on the roller. The belt is both traction and carrying device. There is no relative motion and friction between the belt and cargo. For the roller is equipped with roller bearing, the running resistance is greatly reduced when the belt moves on the roller, which will reduce the power consumption and increase the transport distance. In order to avoid the slip of belt and keep normal operation, we should take corresponding measures in the practice production. Improving the transmission ability of traction can be realized from the following aspects:

1. Increase the tension force; in operation, the traction will drop when the belt stretches. So we should tense the belt, increase the traction by adjusting the tension device.

2, Increase friction coefficient: protect the wood liner and rubber gaskets, the transmission drum can increase the friction coefficient; on the other hand, decline the amount of water coal to avoid the reduction of friction coefficient.

3. Increase the surrounding angle; due to bad working conditions, the underground belt conveyor needs great traction. It always adopts double-drum transmission device to enlarge the surrounding angle.

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