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Spiral Separator
Spiral SeparatorSpiral Separator Pdf Download
The spiral separator is one of the numerous water conservancy classification equipments, a kind of mechanical classifier with the structure of elevating and conveying desilting.

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Spiral separator is one type of machine used in ore beneficiation and it is a machine that relies on the principle that the solid particles with different proportions have different falling speed in the liquid to complete mechanical classification. This machine is able to classify and filter the materials discharged from the grinding mill, and screw in the coarse materials by using the spiral blade to the feeding mouth of the grinding mill and discharge the filtered fine materials from the overflow pipe. Spiral classifier can be called classifier for short. The classifiers can be divided into four types, namely, high weir single-spiral classifier, high weir double-spiral classifier, immersed type single-spiral classifier and immersed type double-spiral classifier.

Structure Of Hongxing Screw Classifier

It is composed of a U trough, spiral, transmission, elevator machine, support bearing etc. The downflow weir of the high weir type is higher than the lower bearing, but lower than the upper edge of the lower spiral. There is a horizontal long axis with helical blades in the U trough, and a downflow weir is designed in the lower place. The transmission is installed in the upper chute, the upper main spiral shaft supports the bearing on the drive frame, while the lower bearing is fixed at the level of the elevator. The elevator is able to make the lower part of the spiral ascend and descend to regulate the distance between the spiral and the bottom of the chute as well as the confirming size of the spiral. Meanwhile, the spiral should be raised up at the time of a stop in order to avoid the desilting burying the spiral that will impinge on starting. The bearings of the main spiral shaft are quite vital parts, due to relatively harsh working conditions, the requirements for the sealing of the bearings are high. At the same time, the operator must strengthen the maintenance.

Working Principle Of Hongxing Ore Spiral Classifier

Ore pulp is fed into the U chute from the middle feed opening on the side of the chute, along with the spiral’s low-speed rotation and unremitting string of the ore pulp, most of the light and fine particles suspend on the surface then overflow from the downflow, those particles are called overflow products; some coarse and heavy granules will settle down to the bottom of the chute, pushed to the upper of the chute by the helical blade and then discharged, the dehydration is completed during the conveying process. If the desilting enter the mill for another grinding, then the desilting is called sand return.

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