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Dryer Machine
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Dryer machine are suitable for a wide variety of products, ranging from granular, powdered and crystalline materials, through to filter cakes and sludges for the food, chemical and mineral industries.

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Dryer machine, which can also be called drying machine or spray dryer, is mainly used for drying materials with some moisture and granularity in ore beneficiation, building material, metallurgy and chemical department. Rotary dryer has high adaptability to the materials so that it can be used for drying all kinds of materials, and in addition, the operation of this equipment is simple and reliable, for this reason, it get wide application.

Different dryer machines are applied in different situations, the following are the applications for some dryer machines.

1. Chemical industry, mining, metallurgy etc. such as ore, slag, coal, metal powder, clay, kieselguhr, kaolin.

2. Agriculture, fodder and fertilizer industry, such as straw, grass, leaves, fish meal, corn sauce, starch residue, lees, dregs, pomace, soy sauce residue, bagasse, peat, organic fertilizer, sludge, aquatic products, waste, food plant waste, slaughterhouse waste, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, phosphate, ammonium sulfate.

3. Drying some powder and grain size materials with specific demands. For instance, various crystals, precipitated calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, inorganic mud, clay, lime, ore slurry, phosphorus slag, aluminum red mud.

4. Materials that require low-temperature drying as well as huge bulks of continuous drying.

The above four fields manifest a fact that the application of the drying machine covers the industry, agriculture, chemical industry, mine and metallurgy ect.

New type coal slime dryer  machine

     Because of its high shock-resistibility, large throughput, little fuel consumption as well as low drying cost, the coal slime dryer is widely used to dry slag, coal and various clay materials. Hongxing coal slime dryer adopts down flow drying method which is able to control products’ granularity and water content according to customers’ requirements.

1. High-efficiency and energy-saving coal slime dryer. This machine uses new transmission that has saved about 20% of the coal compared with some average coal slime dryers. It saves cost and creates value for the customers.

2. Green coal slime dryer. This dryer employs multilevel purification and dust removal equipment, reaching even higher than the environmental standards demanded by the country. To reduce the environmental pollution caused by the device is the representation of Hongxing’s responsibility.

3. Patent coal slime dryer machine. It possesses professional quality and is worth reliability. This kind of machine cooperates with many universities as well as scientific research institutions to develop the processing equipment of the coal slime dryer, and it has achieves lots of national patents.

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