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Several Structural Systems of Preheater

The main structural systems of the preheater include the (1): upper feeding system: it is mainly comprised of the upper bunker, baiting tube and the baiting way and structure can ensure the security sealing when feeding to the body of the preheater so that the outside cold air can not enter the preheater and the feeding can realize the continuous or intermittent feeding by the rod valve. (2) preheater body: it is the most important part that is used to ensure that the material is preheated to 900 degrees Celsius. It includes the preheating chamber, the suspension means and the refractory brick lining (which does not belong to the scope of equipment design and manufacture) and other parts. The majority structure of the part is the metal member, and part of the material adopts the heat-resistant steel according to the needs. (3) hydraulic system: it mainly includs the tanks, pumps, motors, solenoid valves, hydraulic tubing and its main role is to control the pusher feeding device to complete the procedure. (4) lower feeding chamber: it is mainly composed of the chute, feeding room, feeding slip mouth, its main role is to transport the preheated material into the kiln for the calcination. (5) framework: it mainly includes the column, beam and the major role is to bear the upper structure of the preheater. 

The preheater has the following advantages:

(1) it has compact structure and small floor space;

(2) the weight is light and the metal consumption is small; 

(3) the layout of the preheater is flexible so that the boiler is easy to get a reasonable layout scheme. 

(4) under the same external conditions, because of its higher metal temperature of the heating surface, the risk of low-temperature corrosion is samll. 

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